PETT Fox, Inc.

Promotions, Editing, Tutoring, Translations

Hands-On Experience

There is not a single member on our team with less than three years of working experience in one of the fields in which we offer services. A majority of team members possess at least a decade of working experience.

PETT Fox, Inc. began as a one-man operation in May 2007. Since then we've grown to a team of 21 highly trained professionals dealing with every aspect of pre-press publishing, from manuscript review to proofreading, indexing, and jacket design. We pride ourselves on high quality of the services offered, adherence to deadlines, and quick and effective resolution of any difficulties our clients may encounter during the manuscript development or book/article production process.


  • Free consultation and evaluation of your needs
  • Unbeatable rates
  • Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff
  • Guaranteed same-day reply on all questions submitted via email
  • Area expertise matching - finding professionals familiar with your subject matter
  • Low-fee initial manuscript evaluation (fee is waived if you decide to use our services)
  • Personalized service - your project manager will ensure seamless transition between publishing stages, and will communicate with you throughout
  • Discounts when you bundle services
  • Special rates on long-term agreements​

A ONE-stop shop for publishing your work

Worry-free service

Knowledge Base


All of our team members, from the principal to the freelancers, are highly knowledgeable in their chosen fields, with multiple degrees in, among others, English, publishing (both print and online), journalism, library science, and Web and electronic design.