It doesn't matter if you have a specific idea, or just an inkling, or not a clue what your jacket cover is going to look like. Our designers have years of experience producing covers for major publishers. Satisfaction guaranteed.
For authors who are non-native English speakers we offer detailed manuscript review to check for proper sentence structure, correct word usage, and other elements to ensure that nothing is "lost in translation."
Many members of our team have native-level proficiency in various languages other than English and can offer both two-way translation and check either the original spelling or transliteration of foreign text.
Our experienced marketing/promotions team will help authors put together manuscript proposals, as well as conduct marketing research for already published or ready-to-be-published texts. We also create press releases and marketing campaigns.
Our proofreaders have years of experience following the style sheet and layout specifications to ensure that the proofs of the book are set accurately.
If the author is having difficulties creating an index for his or her work, or simply doesn't have the time to do it, one of our indexers can help. Index creation can be done either in MS Word or in first proofs, working in Acrobat or hardcopy.
Experienced cartographers will work directly with authors to create maps. "Seed" files (even if a simple drawing) and detailed instructions are essential for successful and effective collaboration.
Our design team is standing by to serve your needs for image scanning, enhancement, and placement. We also have experienced photographers who may be able to provide images per your specifications.
A knowledgeable and meticulous copy editor will check grammatical accuracy of the manuscript, as well as its adherence to the chosen style.
Whether the author has already completed the manuscript or is still working on it, our experienced developmental editors will evaluate it and offer suggestions on how to improve it.

Promotions, Editing, Tutoring, Translations

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